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" Who Wants To Get An Immediate Positive Return On Their Property Investment ...? "

" Who Wants To Buy A Home Of Their Own But The Banks Have Said NO..? "

   Dear Friends,

Property buying is an interesting and complex process.


It's a guessing game of trying to second guess the market,
predict cycles of property growth

and generally play a Buy and Hold (and Pray) game.

   Many experts will tell you they know where the market will boom
but many investors lose money on this long term investment
   that they hope will secure their future.
In fact according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Housing Report
70% of Investors sell within 5 years of purchasing and
47% lose money or barely break even!

       Home Buyers

 When all you want is your own home, unless you tick
all the boxes the banks won't lend you the money.

   If you have any credit issues at all or you're a discharged bankrupt
- forget it!

Even when they say that they'll give you a loan,
if you don't have enough deposit - it's still a no go!

But you've got a good income-you have a good job but they won't give you a go!

There Is Another Way!!


What if you help these homebuyers
and at the same time have an

investment that gives you an immediate return?

How about an immediate return from the very start?


What if you could buy a home without having to go through the banks?

And what if you got to choose the house of your dreams that
you can afford?

 We here at Innovative Real Estate source


who are able to buy a house for

who have been knocked back by the banks
either for credit reasons   

 or they simply haven't enough deposit
even though they have good incomes!

and each Investor vendor finances these HomeBuyers
into a house that is within the HomeBuyers' ability to pay
 giving them,the Investor,an immediate return on their investment
while helping our HomeBuyers buy a Home Of Their Own!

At Innovative Real Estate we organise it all!

We do all the negotiating, organise all the legals and put it all together
Then we manage everything i.e. collect the payments, and disburse funds.


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